March 5, 2014

I Wish They Taught Money In High School Book Review


Just in time when my siblings and I were planning to get into business, I received this book entitled I wish they taught money in High School.  The 2 in 1 book written by Clarissa Serina-De La Paz and Sharon W. Que talks about money, saving, budgeting, investing and a lot more.

The title already speaks for its subject matter, Money Management. But then when I read on it, it was more than it. It’s a lifestyle upgrade. Authors knew that money or handling money should be taught to youngsters as early as high school (even earlier). They knew that if money is introduced to young people, it will be of great impact to their generations.

I wish they taught money in High School  So I’m not dependent on paycheck by C. De La Paz captured me first, the fact that I still depend on paychecks. I love how the author shared her experiences on working, saving, starting a business, and explained even the smallest detail of her journey.  


I wish they taught money in High School So I can start my own business right away by Sharon W. Que was of different approach. More numbers involved, but don’t be scared. It has a lot of good points to note down I almost highlighted every page of it. 

This book is truly an encouragement for business seekers. It is recommended to people who see themselves retiring early in life. To everyone with big dreams and goals, this is for you to read.


We know that being an employee is really exhausting (to nth level, right?). Running in circles to make ends meet is definitely not your kind of life! So why not start doing little steps to the life you wanted. Remember, it’s never too late or too early. Don’t let your dreams be blurred by the circumstances.   

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February 5, 2014

Make Up Artist In the Making

Why took the course?- These words, asked by the instructor, enlightened me more as each of the participant in the Basic Make Up Course answered. Their reasons were not far from mine. I also want to learn #MakeUp like most. And earn, for some. Both were my reasons, but here’s my exact answer.

“I enrolled because I always loved playing with colors. And like them, learn real make up.” That, I said.


Certificate of Attendance from #theMakeUpArtistry

Make Up (honestly!) was never my interest. I hate putting on layer by layer of make up. But colors, true to what I answered, has been my love and interest since I can remember.

Both my brother and sister are inclined to art and music. I can tell you without a blink that their works are more than average. Not because I am their sister but I guessed it is because I have an eye for a real art. You see, being an artist runs in the family. Lol :) Charot!

So, back to Make Up. You ask, “Am I shifting to a new career?”

Well NO. But at some time in life, you need a break-free from what you are constantly doing and discover what other things you can do. Mom always tells me this, to explore yourself, do what you love to do, and be so good at it. Success will definitely follow. #WordfromMom  

Soon… Advanced Make Up Course! :)