December 15, 2014

Parties Beyond Ordinary only at Victoria Court

Press Release

Victoria Court offers world-class suites, each one distinct from the other. The most sought after suites are the Asgard inspired from the movie Thor, the romantic Marrakesh Suite, Batcave from The Dark Night and other fun exciting themes for you to choose from. Our guests have a wide choice of rooms depending on size, design and preferred themes: Standard, Deluxe and Suites with variants of mini-suites, regular suites and super thematic suites, all different themes. At Victoria Court, no two rooms are the same.

The 16th Ultimate Wedding and Debut Fair 2015

Last month, I attended one of my bestfriends wedding in Laguna. As her bestfriend and bridesmaid, I felt really excited for her big day. I even plan to sleep early but failed. I thought, if that’s the case for me, how much more for her, the bride-to-be.

I witnessed every single detail she posted on her Facebook and Instagram. Each from color motif, gown, make up, shoes, invitation, venue, food, prenuptial photos, videos name it. Every post created excitement as the big day approaches. But at the same time stress picking which was the best for her very best day. Can you imagine how stressful it was to plan that dream event of your life? I bet you’re nodding your head now. 

November 16, 2014

CaliBurger Chef’s Choice Smokehouse Burger by Chef Rob Pengson


It was my sudden cravings for burgers that led me to  the launch of the all new and limited edition CaliBurger  Chef’s Choice –Smokehouse Burger.

CaliBurger is known to bringing amazing burgers to many parts in the world including Philippines. Now they’re serving another delight by launching Chef’s Choice –Smokehouse Burger crafted by one of the country’s most respected chefs, Chef Robert Pengson.

CaliBurger: A True Taste of California Spirit and Lifestyle


From the sunny paradise and land of dreams that is the Golden State of California, comes a burger that is bound to bring out your inner Californian spirit and lifestyle. With its roots embedded deeply in the place that has always been in the forefront of many trends, CaliBurger has already shared its amazing burgers to different parts of the world: Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and, now,finally, in the Philippines!